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Paediatric Laboratory Medicine

Teaching Awards

The PLM Senior Scientist Teaching Award, first presented in 1997, highlights the enormous value the Paediatric Laboratory Medicine places on excellence in teaching.

In 2007, a new award - DPLM Technologist Teaching Award - was created to recognize the considerable teaching activities of DPLM technologists.

The awards are an opportunity to recognize colleagues who have extensively contributed to the field of education as teachers, course coordinators and mentors. The nominees will have established themselves as inspirational role models.

Award recipients are selected from nominations made by their PLM peers, with awards being presented at the DPLM Annual Laurence E. Becker Symposium.

To nominate a peer, DPLM staff are invited to send a short synopsis of why they believe their nominee should be recognized with one of the awards. 

2017 Teaching Awards Recipients

Teaching Award
Dr. David Colantonio

Technologist Teaching Awards
Betty Wan

2016 Teaching Awards Recipients

2015 Teaching Awards Recipients

Teaching Award
Dr. Cynthia Hawkins

Technologist Teaching Awards
Caroline Goswell
Natacha Mosler

Teaching Award
Dr. David Chiasson

Technologist Teaching Award
Tim Gin

2014 Teaching Awards Recipients

2013 Teaching Awards Recipients

Teaching Award
Dr. Lianna Kyriakopoulou

Technologist Teaching Award
John Nishikawa

Teaching Award
Dr. Mohamed Abdelhaleem

Technologist Teaching Award
Ana Antunes
Alireza (Alex) Hamzehi

Past DPLM Teaching Awards Recipients

2012 - Dr. Tracy Stockley

2011 - Dr. Yvonne Yau 

2010 - Dr. Mary Shago, Cytogenetics

2009 - Dr. Herman Yeger

2008 - Dr. John W. Callahan

2007 - Dr. William Holliday

2006 - Dr. Khosrow Adeli

2005 - Dr. Donald Perrin


2004 - Dr. Wendy Lau

2003 - Dr. Ikuko Teshima

2002 - Dr. Ernest Cutz

2001 - Dr. Peter Ray

2000 - Dr. Martin Petric

1999 - Dr. Annette Poon

1998 - Dr. Susan Richardson

1997 - Dr. Glenn Taylor