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Paediatric Laboratory Medicine

Education and Learning

The pursuit of excellence in educational endeavours is one of the key missions of the Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine (DPLM). Members of DPLM contribute many hours of teaching to University of Toronto undergraduate, graduate and professional students, as well as The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences technology students.

Graduate student supervision is a key responsibility of many members in the department. The practice of laboratory medicine is taught within accredited programs in all the divisions. In addition, educational programs in laboratory medicine, as it applies to clinical disciplines, exist for areas such as general paediatrics, clinical genetics, haematology/oncology and infectious diseases. In collaboration with The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, DPLM has an active educational program for technologists in training, providing a unique opportunity to train future technologists in laboratory medicine as applied to paediatrics. DPLM members also reach out to the community, sharing their particular expertise in the diagnosis and management of childhood illnesses.

This section provides information on the education and learning opportunities available from DPLM.