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Paediatric Laboratory Medicine


The division of Haematopathology includes General Haematology, Special Haematology, Coagulation, Flow Cytometry and Molecular Haematopathology Laboratories in addition to Blood Transfusion, Stem cell and Tissue Laboratories. 

The General Haematology Laboratory, provides a 24 hour, seven days a week essential service for the performance of CBCs, blood film and bone marrow examination. 

The Special Haematology Laboratory provides tests for the diagnosis of thalassemia, haemoglobinopathies and red cell enzyme defects. 

The Coagulation Laboratory provides service for the diagnosis and management of patients with haemophilia, vonWillebrands, and other hereditary and acquired hemorrhagic and thrombotic disorders. 

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory provides testing for the diagnosis and monitoring of children with hematological malignancies and immunological disorders. 

The Molecular Haematopathology Laboratory detects the presence of the chromosomal translocations that have implications on the clinical course of childhood leukemia. 

The blood transfusion laboratory is responsible for the manipulation and distribution of all blood products. Tests performed include routine compatibility testing and special immunohematology tests. 

Stem cell laboratory is responsible for processing and issue of haematopoietic stem cell products.  

Tissue laboratory processes and stores heart valves and pericardium allografts required for cardiac surgery programs.

Basic and collaborative research in the Division is focused on hematologic disorders of children.

Complete list of haematopathology tests