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Paediatric Laboratory Medicine

Lactate Determination

Clinical Significance

Quantitative enzymatic determination of lactate

Test Name

Lactate Determination

Alternate Name/ Synonym

  • Lactatic Acid

Gene Name

  • This can indicate a respiratory chain or pyruvate metabolism, which can then be diagnosed separately


Mitochondrial Disease


Spectrophotometric Measurements at 340nm

Turn Around Time

Fibroblasts, amniocytes: 3 wks - 3 months


  • Lactic Acidosis
  • Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Deficiency
  • Leigh's

Specimen Type

Only for testing extracts from fibroblast and amniocyte cell cultures.

Minimum Specimen Requirements

  • Use one plate / flask per sample

Optimal Collection Time

  • For fibroblasts, amniocytes cultures: anytime


  • Samples must be kept at room temperature during measurement. Extracts can be stored for up to 48hrs at -20°C.

Special Requirements

The test should be done no later than 2 weeks after the cells have been sub cultured.

Shipping and Contact Information

The Hospital for Sick Children
Rapid Response Laboratory
170 Elizabeth Street, Room 3642
Toronto, ON
M5G 2G3
Phone: 416-813-7200
Phone: 1-855-381-3212

Reference Range

  • Fibroblasts: Reported as Lactate / Pyruvate ratio: 9.57-26.49 nmol/mg/hr


There is a group of inborn errors of metabolism that result in the condition of chronic lactic acidemia of childhood. Nearly all of the defects that can be identified occur in mitochondrial proteins, and can be demonstrated in cultured skin fibroblasts from the patients concerned.