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The Pain Centre is engaged in knowledge translation, clinical and basic science research related to children and their families, led by a team of renowned principal investigators from the SickKids Research Institute and their respective research teams.

Primary Investigators

Dr. Gregory Borshel

Dr. Steven Prescott

Dr. Michael Salter

Dr. Bonnie Stevens

Dr. Jennifer Stinson

Dr. Anna Taddio

Pain and Garron Family Cancer Centre collaborative Seed Grant funding:

David Kaplan - Novel therapeutics for pediatric chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. 

Our goal is to identify new effective treatments for childhood chemotherapy- induced neuropathy, of which  there is no current treatment.  We have identified a drug used for other conditions in humans, that protect nerves from damage from chemotherapeutic agents. In this grant, we will determine whether the drug also protects mice that have chemotherapy-induced neuropathy.



Steve Prescott -Deciphering chemotherapy-induced excitability changes in sensory neurons induced from fibroblasts. 

Our goal is to explain the chemotherapy-induced changes in sensory neuron excitability that cause pain. To eventually test human neurons, we seek to induce neurons from fibroblasts. We will first do this in mice and verify that fibroblast-derived neurons respond to chemotherapy the same way as true sensory neurons.


Lee Dupuis Lillian Sung , P.D. Robinson, W. Tissing -Clinical Practice Guidelines for Pain Management for Healthcare Providers, Parents and Children. 

Clinical practice guidelines are tools that assist care-givers to incorporate the latest medical evidence into the decisions they make.  We will develop clinical practice guidelines focused on pain management in children with cancer for use by healthcare providers and for use by children with cancer and their parents.   Novel clinical practice guideline formats will be developed specifically for children and their parents. This work will improve pain management in children with cancer when they are in hospital and when they are at home.

Jennifer Stinson, Paul Nathan, Joseph Cafazzo, Lindsay Jibb - User-centered refinement of the Pain Squad and pain management app for adolescents with cancer: A usability study.

We believe that novel and effective methods are needed to address the problem of cancer pain in adolescents. The smartphone-based pain management app (Pain Squad+) under investigation may therefore improve pain treatment and ultimately health-related quality of life for adolescence with cancer.

Research Seed Grant Funding 2014. Read more.