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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Online resources

The following web sites may be useful to families and professionals:

1. www.epilepsyco.org

    Coverage map: http://epilepsysco.org/about/areas-served/

2. www.aboutkidshealth.ca/epilepsy
This web site is developed by professionals at SickKids. It addresses: how the brain works, what happens during various types of seizures, diagnostic procedures, and treatments. It also provides answers to frequently asked questions.

3. www.epilepsymatters.com

4. www.epilepsytoronto.org


MindUpTM is one of the social-emotional programming initiatives in the Epilepsy Classroom.

6. Empower

EmpowerTM is reading intervention program that is used for some of the students in the Epilepsy Classroom.

7. www.ldao.ca
The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario is a useful resource. The organization offers workshops on a various topics to parents, children and teenagers.