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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Who we are

Classroom Personnel

Director:  Dr. Elizabeth Kerr

Special Education Teacher: TDSB Teacher

    • Responsible for the day to day programming of the classroom. 
    • Develops and implements an Individual Education Plan for each of the students. 
    • Consults to the student’s home school and supports the student’s transition back to that school at the completion of the term.

Educational Assistant: TDSB EA

    • Assists the teacher in Implementing day to day programming with the students in the classroom. 

Academic Assistant/Child Youth Worker: Ms. Cheryl Hendrie

    • Assists in implementing day to day program. 
    • Involved in the development and implementation of social skills group as well as in supporting the classroom psychologist and social worker.

Main Consultants

Clinical Neuropsychologist: Dr. Elizabeth Kerr

    • Coordinates referrals and is involved in intake assessments of students. 
    • Conducts neuropsychological assessments with students to gain a better understanding of their learning profiles and needs. 
    • Co-facilitates one of the social-emotional learning programs offered in the classroom.

Social Worker: Ms. Heather O'Driscoll

    • Participates in classroom intake intake interviews.
    • Provides psychosocial consultation/support to students, families and community partners affiliated with the classroom. 
    • Provides individual and family counselling as needed.
    • Facilitates a psychosocial educational group focused on self-expression of issues related to epilepsy, as well as locating and arranging community resources and referrals.
    • Co-facilitates one of the social-emotional learning programs offered in the classroom.

Developmental Paediatrician and Fellows

    • Conducts developmental assessments with each student in the early part of the school term. 
    • Specializes in learning problems in school-age children. .

Other Consultants

Clinical Nurse Specialist/Acute Nurse Practitioner

    • Provides consultation and support to families on a need be basis. 
    • Focuses on children with intractable epilepsy. 


    • Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of children with epilepsy. 
    • Available to the classroom staff to discuss issues about seizures and epilepsy.


    • Consultants to the team regarding medication trials

Support Staff


    • May helps to complete intake assessments with potential students. 

Administrative Support

    • Senior Secretary provides administrative support to the classroom.

University Students and Hospital Volunteers

    • Several students and volunteers contribute to the classroom each term under the supervision of the classroom team.

Classroom Team

The classroom staff and consultants work as a team to optimize the outcome and recommendations of classroom programming.  They also work as a team with the student, the student's family and the student's home school to better help each student with epilepsy.