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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Family as Faculty

Patients and their family members offer a rich and diverse set of hospital experiences from which staff can learn to improve the way in which they deliver care. As a result, we often ask patients or their family members to speak about these experiences to different groups across the hospital through staff orientation, workshops, and presentations.  

The Family as Faculty Program

Family as Faculty is a program developed for family advisors, by family advisors with support from staff. It provides family advisors with training and support to develop the skills to tell their stories in a way that enhances the learning of trainees and staff. All family advisors of the Family Advisory Network have access to:

  • An introductory workshop, where they learn to develop their personal narrative, think about the broader impact of their story and experience, and consider tools for self-care (1.5-hour workshop).
  • Dynamic advanced workshops that are offered twice per year, where they engage in small group discussions led by peer mentors, and participate in a brief workshop that is focused on a particular storytelling skill or tool (2-hour workshops).

Eight family advisors participated in the advanced workshop that took place in November 2017.

Upon completion of an advanced workshop, family advisors are eligible to become Family Faculty. As Family Faculty, they:

  • Receive peer mentorship, where they are matched with a mentor who provides coaching and support in learning to develop and tell their stories.
  • Join a roster of speakers who received regular invitations to speak at staff orientation, workshops, or presentations. Their biographies and photos are made available on our internal website to promote them as Family Faculty.  

Would you like to know more?

If you're interested in learning more about the Family as Faculty program, please contact family.advisory@sickkids.ca or call Gabrielle Maurice, Patient and Family Experience Coordinator, at 416-813-7654 x228313.   

The Family as Faculty program is just one of the many ways that family advisors make a difference at SickKids through the Family Advisory Network. To learn more about the Network, visit our webpage.