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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Cultural Competence Train-the-Trainer Manual

The information in the Cultural Competence Train-the-Trainer Manual is intended for organizations interested in implementing cultural competence programming. Educators and others can use the manual as a resource to implement educational programming aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skill of health-care providers and other health-care staff in providing culturally competent care and service.

The manual is designed to orient those who are planning cultural competence education to specific considerations in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a cultural competence education program

Manual Overview

Section 1 is an overview of the approach adopted by SickKids to advance cultural competence. It includes strategies on how organizations can advance cultural competence, including a champions program to build capacity and promote culturally competent practice.

Section 2 is an overview of the evaluation strategy developed to examine the effectiveness of cultural competence programming and includes specific evaluation tools.

Section 3 provides information on teaching methodologies and workshop facilitation strategies, as well as an overview of the approach used in developing educational content.

Section 4 contains the workshop content and guides for workshop facilitators.

Section 5 provides additional resources for planning and delivering cultural competence education.

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