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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Child and Family-Centred Care

Join us for Child and Family-Centred Care Week, June 5 to 9!

Come out to the 4th annual SickKids Child & Family-Centred Care Week from June 5 to 9, as we deepen the conversation about patient and family engagement. The week is filled with events for patients, families, and staff. See the complete calendar of events below or download a copy. Be sure to share it with patients, families, and your networks!

The Centre for Innovation & Excellence in Child and Family-Centred Care

The Centre for Innovation & Excellence in Child and Family-Centred Care works with patients, families, and staff to advance the delivery of care that is centred on the needs of patients and their families. To enhance the patient and family experience at SickKids and to support staff in providing the best child and family-centred care, we provide:

What is child and family-centred care?

For us, child and family-centred care is an approach to care and service delivery that recognizes that the child or patient is at the core of all that we do, and that the family is central in the child’s life and therefore central to our care processes. It is embedded in all SickKids processes of CARE (Clinical practice, Administration, Research, and Education) and extends beyond the hospital, into the community and health system where SickKids interacts locally, nationally, and internationally to shape and support health care service delivery.  

At SickKids, we believe that child and family-centred care is achieved through: respect, whereby patients and families receive personalized and compassionate care; communication, which promotes mutual understanding; and partnership, whereby children and families are engaged in their care in an authentic and collaborative way.  We believe that this approach results in optimal health, patient safety, health equity, and a positive patient and family experience.

SickKids’ Model of Child and Family-Centred Care
illustrates our commitment to
respect, communication, and partnership
at all levels of CARE to achieve our vision of
healthier children, a better world.

For a brief description of the model, please click on this link: Model of Child and Family-Centred Care.