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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Referral Guidelines

Contact the Chaplain in the following situations:

  • Patient or family request religious presence, pastoral, or sacramental
  • Patient or family indicates strong religious affiliation with any faith group
  • Religious concerns or questions voiced by patient, family, or staff, whether or not any religious affiliation noted
  • Crisis, trauma, diagnosis, or illness, where medical science is not likely to provide cure or consolation
  • Occasions where religious traditions or teachings would help staff to understand and care for patient and family more compassionately
  • Occasions where there is confusion or disagreement with patients and families because of the nature of religious beliefs or practices
  • Ethical consultations with patients, families, and staff from a theological perspective
  • Wherever there is opportunity for incorporation of the spiritual into the healing process
  • In any instance when staff feel that religious influence is being brought to bear upon the patient or family from an unsolicited source

To request a Chaplain please contact:

The Spiritual & Religious Care Department

Fred Mackay (Supervisor)
Phone: 416-813-7022
Monday to Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 416-813-7500
24 hours

Telephones in the chapel and meditation & contemplation room are made available for patients to contact the chaplain on-call pager for assistance and support.