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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources


The members of the Chaplaincy staff, as part of the inter-professional practice team, offer spiritual and religious care to patients, families, and staff.  In order to better serve the diversity within our patient population and staff, we are committed to diversity within our department.

A Chaplain's role is to provide pastoral/spiritual care. The concept of pastoral/spiritual care is that in having a person talk about themselves and their experiences, they will make a connection with their faith.  The role of the Chaplain is to help people make that connection and to help them develop their spiritual life.  In a hospital setting, the Chaplain meets with people who are involved in the experience of illness, whether it be patients, their families, staff, volunteers, or the community.

Chaplaincy does not necessarily involve religious discussion or the use of religious terms. The focus of Chaplaincy is on relationships and counseling.  The service is offered to anyone, regardless of who they are or how they view their life. Essentially, the Chaplain is trying to assist the patient to reach that point where they are satisfied that their own value system is working for them.

Chaplaincy has an inter-faith thrust that strives to put patients in touch with themselves and their faith, and to seek peace with their circumstances.

Spiritual and religious care chaplaincy services:

  • Patient and/or family members, as well as staff (self or patient referred) can contact the Spiritual & Religious Care Department. For information on how to contact a hospital chaplain for support or inquiry, please see our referral guidelines.
  • We offer Mindfulness in Every Moment Sessions: ongoing mindfulness and compassion and self-care meditation sessions for staff patients and families.
  • We provide educational opportunities for trainees to experience ministry in a paediatric setting.

General inquiries

For inquiries about the Spiritual & Religious Care Department, please contact:

Chaplaincy (Spiritual & Religious Care) Supervisor:
Fred MacKay
Room 1119,
First Floor, Burton Wing

Office & Sacred Spaces

Meditation & Contemplation Room
Second Floor
Room 2713, Atrium

More information
Schedule of ongoing sessions posted outside room

First Floor Atrium
Room 1731
R.C. Mass Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.

Muslim Prayer Room
First Floor Atrium
Room 1730

For more information, please visit our Spiritual Spaces Tour.