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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Spiritual & Religious Care Department

The SickKid's Spiritual Care Department Consists of Four Pillars: Chaplaincy, Clinical Pastoral Education, Counselling, and The Mindfulness Project.


Chaplaincy: As part of the inter-professional practice team, SickKids Professional Health-Care Chaplains, offer spiritual and religious care to patients, families and staff. In order to better serve the diversity within our patient population and staff, we are committed to diversity within our department by providing both inter-faith and faith based service.



Clinical Pastoral Education: As part of the clinical, research and education models of practice, the Spiritual Care Department offers educational opportunities for trainees to experience and develop expertise in spiritual care in a paediatric setting. Certification as a Clinical Chaplain and/or Pastoral Counselor available only to qualified candidates who complete the required curriculum and examinations.



Counselling: While in the hospital, patients, families, and staff may experience existential stress, moral distress, and a sense of futility and loss in the face of ongoing health challenges.  One-on-one counselling with a SickKids Certified Health-Care Chaplain has the potential to be a very supportive and effective resource for patients, families, and staff to be at peace with their circumstances and nurture the healing process of body, mind, and spirit.



The Mindfulness Project develops the qualities of attention, intention, reflection, and loving kindness, by providing support, education, and experiential mindfulness facilitation. These are qualities that improve resilience, leading to sustainable wellness, and positively impacting self-awareness and the caregiver-patient relationship. This leads to quality and advancement in health-care, inner self- acceptance, healing, and empowerment.


News and Events:

  • Spiritual and Religious Care team support family with the first Puja Hindu prayer ceremony at SickKids. Read more.