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The Mindfulness Project
The Mindfulness Project

The Mindfulness Project

News and events | Patient and family resources

The Mindfulness Project is a hospital-wide initiative rooted in sustained, ongoing, consistent mindfulness practice and training offered by the Spiritual Care Department, and the Mindfulness Project Team. The Mindfulness Project works to inform staff of mindfulness opportunities within the hospital, and in the surrounding area. It consists of a team of qualified facilitators/practitioners, all of whom have authentic recognized clinical training, consistent mindfulness practice, and are certified in trademarked MBIs. The Mindfulness Project partners with recognized mindfulness organizations, and offers training and experiential facilitation from local and internationally acclaimed mindfulness professionals and experts in the field.  

The Mindfulness Project provides: consultation for patients, their families and staff, as well as special events during our annual mindfulness month and custom designed mindfulness workshops specific to health care disciplines within SickKids. Our vision Compassionate Care, Mindful Culture speaks to the goal of the project. By providing mindfulness skills, support, and education we improve resilience, and create an environment which leads to sustainable wellness. This positively impacts self-awareness, the caregiver-patient relationship, the patient and family experience, leads to quality and advancement in health care, and ultimately to inner self-acceptance, healing, and empowerment.  We strive to enrich and inform mindful awareness and its effectiveness through evidence-based research initiatives. By applying the skills of contemplative traditions, and the wisdom of secular psychotherapeutic interventions, we come to understand the body, mind and spirit.  This leads to improved caregiving standards, and compassionate self-care.

News and events

May is Mindfulness Month. We will be hosting numerous events throughout the month including. Stay tuned for the 2019 schedule.

Patient and family resources

Mindfulness has potential benefits for many stakeholders across SickKids.  For parents who are supporting their children through stressful situations with often unknown outcomes, mindfulness can help them live through these experiences and have more emotional space to support their children.  For staff caring for the children, mindfulness can help them be more centered, listen better and be better available to children and their families.  The social work department begins every staff meeting with a mindful moment, which assists us to focus in the moment and ultimately reminds of  the importance of paying attention non-judgmentally.

- Barb Muskat, Former Director, Department of Social Work​

Mindfulness in every moment

Mindfulness for Parents & Caregivers
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2 to 3 p.m.
Meditation & Contemplation Room 2713, 2nd floor, Atrium

Mindfulness for Families, Patients & Caregivers @ Bedside
By request, please contact: ani J. ext. 205290 or Chandra ext. 208405

Individual Mindfulness Sessions also available for outpatients in the Meditation & Contemplation Room 2713  
Please ask your healthcare provider to make the request.

Please contact: ani J. 416-813-5290 or Chandra 416-813-8405
More information.

There are additional opportunities available, led by the following staff:

Sara Marlowe MSW, RSW
Please email sara.marlowe@sickkids.ca for information about upcoming groups.

  1. MARS-A (Mindful Awareness & Resilience Skills for Adolescents): A program for teens with a medical condition, combining meditation practice, breathing exercises, and group discussions.
  2. Mindful Self Compassion for Parents of Children with a Health Condition: An 8-week group program that teaches concrete skills to care for ourselves like we would a loved one who is experiencing difficulty in some way – with patience, kindness, understanding and compassion.
  3. Mindful Parenting Workshops: One-time evening workshops introducing mindfulness-based strategies to support parents with responding to stress in the context of having a child with a medical condition.

Mary Bell MSW, RSW
Please email mary.bell@sickkids.ca or phone 416-813-8687 for information about upcoming groups.

  1. Listening for the Door: a program offering strategies to parents who are addressing teen substance use behaviour.  Teens do not need to be attending programs at the hospital.
  2. ACT Parent Group: a group based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help parents whose teens use substances stay grounded and be effective in difficult moments.


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