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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Perinatal Palliative Care

Prenatal Diagnosis (i.e. before the Baby’s Birth)
When an unborn baby is found to have a life-limiting condition, that baby’s parents start on a journey filled with overwhelming emotions and difficult decisions. PACT clinicians have experience helping parents develop birthing plans based on the goals of care they have agreed on for their baby. Such plans would cover the labour and delivery period as well as the care that will be provided to the baby after birth.  As births do not occur at SickKids, PACT will work with the team providing care to the mother and baby at the hospital where the birth will take place.  We will continue to be involved and provide support for whatever time the baby continues to live and will support the family in the aftermath of the baby's death.

Postnatal Diagnosis (i.e. After the Baby’s Birth)
Not all serious medical conditions can be or are diagnosed before birth. PACT also provides help to families in situations where a newborn baby is found to have a serious medical condition in the first days or weeks of life. These families also receive grief support in the aftermath of death. 

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