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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Tools and Resources

Below is a list of tools that can be helpful for youth transitioning into the adult health-care system.

Transition Readiness Checklists for Adolescents and their Parents

Below are checklists for parents and teens to help answer common questions as they prepare to leave the paediatric world and enter the adult health-care system. They can be used to see where you or your child are at in the process of getting ready.

Click here for the Transition Readiness Checklist - Patient Version  

Click here for the Transition Readiness Checklist - Parent Version  

Getting Ready for Adult Care Booklet

The Getting Ready for Adult Care booklet is for SickKids patients and their families to review around the time of graduation from SickKids and before your first adult appointment. The booklet provides general tips and advice for graduating youth, including what to expect at and how to prepare for your first adult appointment or inpatient stays in adult hospitals. 

Download a copy of the Getting Ready For Adult Care Booklet

MyHealth Passport

MyHealth Passport is a wallet-sized card that lists a person's medical conditions, past procedures, treatments, medications, allergies and other health-related information. If assistance is needed completing the Passport , health-care providers and/or your parents can help ensure accuracy of information. It is encouraged that youth carry the Passport with them at all times and present it to providers when needed. 

When you go to the MyHealth Passport website, you can choose from a list of over 50 conditions. If your condition is not listed, choose the generic passport and/or medication record.

To create a MyHealth Passport, click here.

Help Them Grow...so they're Good 2 Go

From the time of diagnosis, parents often wonder how they can raise children with health-care needs to live fulfilling lives.  The "Help Them Grow…so they’re Good 2 Go Timelines" were designed to provide age-appropriate tasks and ideas for parents of younger children and ideas for youth to develop independence in many areas of life – socially, with family, in school and in the medical domain.

Below is a general timeline for ideas and resources that are appropriate for any child or youth with chronic healthcare needs.  

General timeline