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Training, Simulation and Innovation - It's all happening in the OR, PACU, ICU, the Trauma room and more.

Simulation based education in Perioperative Services is supported by all the departments including Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Surgery, Nursing, Image Guided Therapy and Paediatrics.
Use of simulation technology allows for experiential learning and is proven to enhance rapid adoption of knowledge and skills necessary for patient care. Individuals and teams now have the opportunity to practice routine procedures or life saving techniques, rehearse treatment protocols, and to explore and reflect on teamwork skills without any risk to real patients. Funds were raised to renovate space and buy equipment. Materials, scenarios and faculty development are in place to support faculty and participants.

Surgical Skills Centre

The surgical simulation suite was created around 2010. Its use is free of charge and it is located in the main building of The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) thus allowing trainees to have access after-hours.

There are a number of paediatric models that are applicable for the training and practice of technical skills. To develop paediatric surgical models, Centre for Image Guided Innovation and Therapeutic Intervention (CIGITI) engineers have developed 3-dimensional (3D) printing technology which has opened up opportunities for designing and prototyping structures for surgical training. The models are designed in a manner to emulate normal tissues, thus providing trainees with the proper feel as they cut and manipulate tissue. With the space available, affordable technology, and potential for innovation, SickKids surgical simulation is able to:

    • Create tools that supplement training curricula.
    • Create a system to increase access to training so that novices can prepare in advance of operating on their first patient.

OR Satellite Simulation Centre

The OR Satellite Simulation Centre opened in 2006, predating the development of the hospital simulation program. The rooms are former operating rooms that have been converted for simulation activities. The facililty houses several computerized mannequins representing children of different ages. The mannequins have anatomically correct dimensions with programmable vital signs and realistic heart sounds, breath sounds and pulses. The combination of these mannequins and the realistic environment allow for the rehearsal of a diverse range of operating room events, without the risk of harm to real patients.

Simulation based interprofessional team training events are also conducted in multiple locations around SickKids in our real work environment (“in-situ simulation”). Real teams (including anesthesiologists, nurses and surgeons or proceduralists) are assembled to participate in interprofessional training with emphasis on teamwork and communication skills. In-situ simulation enhances environmental and conceptual realism as the participants learn in their usual work environment. In-situ simulation also has the potential to identify latent safety threats. Debriefing follows every session to promote reflection and to ensure learning objectives are met.


SickKids is one of the international sites that offers the Managing Emergencies in Paediatric Anaesthesia (MEPA) course to their trainees in paediatric anesthesia. In addition, numerous interprofessional in-situ simulation sessions are conducted in various locations (including satellite anesthesia locations, the Cardiac Diagnostic Interventional Unit, the operating room, and the Post-anesthesia Recovery Unit) with the focus on teamwork skills.

An outreach program that offers simulation-based education to community hospitals is under development.



Future collaborative efforts are underway with various departments. Follow this section of our site as we update these initiatives!

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