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Scholarships & Awards

The Susan Bradley Scholarship

The Susan Bradley Scholarship is awarded to medical students with an interest in child and adolescent psychiatry. The successful student will spend a minimum of 12 weeks gaining clinical and/or research experience in child psychiatry at either The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and/or The Child Youth and Family Program of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The successful candidates will receive a $5,000 stipend.

Students are selected on the basis of their academic record. Exact starting dates can be arranged with the supervisor, provided they are within the summer months. Students must attend a series of seminars and prepare a summary of their work, experience and findings.

For additional information please contact:

Ms. Comfort Thompson
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Phone: 416-535-8501 ext. 34592
Email: comfort.thompson@camh.ca

The Elizabeth Manson Awards

The Elizabeth Manson Awards for Community Service in Children's Mental Health is named in honour of Elizabeth Manson. Throughout Liz's longstanding career in children's mental health she worked tirelessly to ensure communities, families, children and youth had equitable and timely access to the best mental health care available. It is through this dedication and service that we recognize the incredible contributions of non-physician clinicians who work tirelessly in their roles improving the lives and outcomes of children across the province of Ontario. Created in 2005 as a single award, we are pleased to announce that two awards are again being offered for 2016/17: The Elizabeth Manson Clinical Excellence Award and The Elizabeth Manson Program Leadership Award.

More information.

Robert L. Smith Award Memorial Fund

The mandate of SickKids Department of Psychiatry's Robert L. Smith Memorial Fund is to advance psychotherapy for children, adolescents and families consistent with the values of Dr. Robert Lawson Smith. Dr. Smith was a SickKids child psychiatrist whose compassion and caring approach to child psychotherapy was held in high esteem by patients, families, colleagues and trainees alike. In his honour the Fund was established to advance these his compasionate and caring values. The focal point of the fund's work is the annual R.L. Smith keynote lecture. New initiatives are being fostered; including a medical school admission award - Dr. Robert L. Smith Award for Excellence in Advancing Healthy Childhood and Adolescent Development. 

For further information regarding the memorial fund please contact Dr. Mark D. Hanson, Director R.L. Smith Memorial Fund Committee at mark.hanson@sickkids.ca.