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Child and Youth Mental Health Research Unit
Child and Youth Mental Health Research Unit

What we do

The Child and Youth Mental Health Research Unit (CYMHRU) works to improve the lives of children, adolescents and transitional age youth.  We focus on development, health, mental health and well-being, and we work in partnership with others to undertake community and clinically relevant research on key issues in child and youth mental health and well-being. We are researchers and clinician scientists, working in clinical and community settings to create trusting relationships with partners and knowledge users to facilitate the integration of new knowledge into real world needs.  We undertake and support the co-creation, translation and implementation of new knowledge across multiple systems, including health, mental health, education, and global health, to increase community capacity and improve outcomes for children, youth and families. 

Our efforts in research, practice, and policy aim to promote success in children and youth by considering all factors essential to well-being including health, home life, school, community life, and healthy relationships. CYMHRU advocates for the implementation of evidence-based interventions, measurement of processes, outcomes and impacts in health, mental health, social services and education and the promotion and facilitation of integration and collaboration in service delivery.

Join us

If you share our vision, join us. As research partner, advisor, or as a corporate or public funder, please let us know what your interests are and how we may work together to create more resilient children, in more resilient families, in more resilient communities. For more information, please contact cymhru@sickkids.ca.