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To help keep user fees low please acknowledge our contribution in your publications. Then notify us so we can document these publications.

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Schedules and resources

Our instruments are currently organized into eight (8) different "Schedules":

  • Analytical Cytometers at Sickkids (LSRII CFI BGRV; LSRII GC BRVU; LSRFortessa BGRVU)
  • Analytical Cytometers at TMDT (LSRII OICR BGRV; LSRII SC BRVU; CantoII FCF BRV; CantoII Isolab BRV)
  • Cell Sorters with Biosafety Cabinet at Sickkids (MoFlo-XDP BRV/U; MoFlo-Astrios BYRV)
  • Cell Sorters with Biosafety Cabinet at TMDT (AriaIII CFI BRVY; AriaII SC BRV; Aria II RITT BRV; Aria Fusion BGRV; Influx BRV)
  • Data analysis computers at Sickkids
  • Data analysis computers at TMDT
  • Magnetic Cell Separatingr at TMDT (AutoMACSpro)

You can navigate between the different schedule calendars using the pull-down menu at the top of the page in the "Bookings" view. When booking, modifying, or deleting a reservation, you will get an automatic email providing the details of the reservation.

If you have questions about a reservation, please email the FMCF Operator(s) responsible for that instrument.

If you have general questions about using phpScheduleIt, please email the Facility Manager ().