The FMCF receives operating funds from sources who periodically ask us to cite publications reporting data from our facility. full policy

To help keep user fees low please acknowledge our contribution in your publications. Then notify us so we can document these publications.

Please email references to

Feedback Survey

Your feedback is the single best way to help us improve our services.

You will be able to access the Sorting Feedback Survey through our online reservation portal and from within sorting appointment confirmation emails.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Online booking system

Getting started

Once you have registered with the FMCF, a temporary password will be emailed to you, which we recommend you change immediately. The email address you registered with will serve as your login ID.

To begin, go to the online booking page. Enter your email address and password to login. You will then be taken to your personal home page (called "My Control Panel").

On the “My Control Page”

  1. "My Announcements" – displays important FMCF announcements including the status on instrument issues and repairs.
  2. "My Reservations"- lists any reservations you have made.  FMCF instruments and operators are referred to as "Resources" and the user is referred to as the reservation "Owner."
  3. You will not use the "My Invitations" and "My Reservation Participation" features.
  4. "My Permissions" – lists resources which you are permitted to book.  Please notify the FMCF manager if you think your permissions need to be changed. The location, phone number and FMCF staff contact for each instrument are also displayed here.
  5. “My Quick Links" - are the tools you'll need to use to view schedules, book appointments, and manage your email preferences. Clicking on the "?" icon next to "My Quick Links" screen shot  opens a window that describes many features of the online booking system.
    Download the instructions for phpScheduleIt. Acrobat icon  

    We have modified this program from its original version, so these descriptions may not be entirely correct, however they still provide a reasonable overview of the scheduling system and its functionalities. If you have questions about your permissions or user Account, use the "Email Administrator" link located in "My Quick Links" to contact the Facility Manager. Your "My Control Panel" page will look something like the one shown below.