The FMCF receives operating funds from sources who periodically ask us to cite publications reporting data from our facility. full policy

To help keep user fees low please acknowledge our contribution in your publications. Then notify us so we can document these publications.

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You will be able to access the Sorting Feedback Survey through our online reservation portal and from within sorting appointment confirmation emails.

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Online booking

Viewing existing reservations

Before attempting to book an appointment you should view existing reservations for the time period and instrument of interest by clicking on the "Bookings" calendar. This will take you to a view of the current week, with all scheduled reservations for the selected instrument schedule (see below).


You can navigate between the different schedule calendars using the pull-down menu at the top of the page. The times (start and end) and owner of each reservation are displayed for each day. Current reservations for each instrument in that schedule calendar (i.e., instrument group) are shown for the current week. For analytical instruments you will see 7 days/week, for Cell Sorters you will see only 5 days/week.

You can select a different week by clicking on any day in the monthly calendar at the top of the bookings page. Each day is divided into 15-min (sorters) or 30-minute (analyzers) blocks, with each analytical cytometer or cell sorter listed on a separate line. View the main details of any reservation by holding the mouse arrow over the name of the event. Clicking on the event name will open a new browser window showing all information about that event.

Click on "My Calendar" to see the current month's calendar listing only your reservations. By clicking on the name of a reservation in this view, a new window will open in which you can modify or delete events. Click on "My Control Panel" to take you back to your calendar home page.