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BD analyzers

LSRII/Cantoll after hours QC check procedure

Those who use the LSRII/Cantoll after hours, for example those who finish running their samples after 6pm Monday to Friday or those who use the instrument on weekends/holidays, are required to perform the following QC Check procedure.

Before you start running your samples

  1. Under "Shared View" in the Browser, open the "AfterHoursQC" experiment.
    LSRII - figure 1
  2. Create a new tube by clicking on the new tube icon and rename it with the date and your name. It should look like this: "yymmdd_BobSmithstart." Do not click "next tube" in the acquisition dashboard. LSRII - figure 2
  3. Run SPHERO Rainbow Calibration particles (the tubes marked with a Blue line) and record 5000 events. Do not change the voltages.

    This verifies that the instrument was functioning optimally at the beginning of your appointment.

    At TMDT in Rm 2-504 beads are located in the white fridge beside the LSRII-OICR.
    At PGCRL in Rm 18-9430 beads are located in white fridge.

    After you have finished running your samples AND completed the cleaning procedure (do not leave the room!):

  4. Acquire the calibration particles again (steps 1-3) but create a new tube and rename it following this format: "yymmdd_BobSmithend."
  5. Run water for 5 minutes and shut down the instrument. Remember to return the calibration particles to the refrigerator.
  6. If you encounter a problem, leave a note outlining what happened and what actions you took to resolve the problem and print out the QC data.

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