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Becton Dickinson (BD) analyzers overview

Photo of instrument
Becton Dickinson LSR II GC
(14 colours: 6B/3R/3V/2UV)

The facility has seven Becton Dickinson analyzers including four LSR IIs and two Canto IIs. Please note that certain instruments are restricted to particular academic groups. Also note that these analyzers do differ in terms of the types of lasers they are equipped with and also the powers of the lasers.

Each instrument has its own default configuration and was designed for a specific set of commonly used fluorochromes in which all detectors are used simultaneously. Filters in this configuration may not necessarily be optimal for your particular fluorochrome combination. Additional filters are available to users and can be signed out from the FMCF office. The instruments must be returned to their default configuration after use. See FMCF staff for assistance on choosing optimal filters. Please note that the fluorochrome list is not exhaustive. Other fluorochromes not listed may also be detected.

The LSR II SC and LSR II GC have a High Throughput Sampler (HTS) option. The HTS unit, which mounts onto the instrument, allows for acquisition from 96- or 384-well plates. Additional training (which is free of charge) is required to use the HTS option.

Click on the links below for more information about each instrument including instrument configurations.

Further information about training and technical specifications for these instruments can be obtained from the FMCF manager .

Location PGCRL
# of colours 15 12 18 14
Restricted No No No No
HTS unit No Yes No Yes
UV - - - -
Violet 25 mW 25 mW 50 mW 50 mW
Blue 50 mW 100mW 50 mW 20 mW
Green 100 mW
(552 nM Yellow/Green)
- 200 mW
Red 40 mW 20 mW 40 mW 40 mW