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Instrument Use Policies

General policies, after hours use and data storage

General policies

  1. All users must be trained by FMCF Staff and given permission to use any of the analytical instruments or the user-operated Sony SH800 sorter.
  2. All users must log in with their own login account. Login accounts may not be used by anyone other than the person to whom it is issued.
  3. All users must follow decontamination procedures as outlined in the FMCF Biosafety Policies and Procedure manual at the end of each appointment.
  4. If you are the last user of the day or there is greater than a two-hour (for analyzers) or four-hour (for user operated cell sorter) time slot before the next appointment you are required to turn off the instrument and shut down the computer.
  5. All samples must be filtered immediately prior to running on any instrument. We recommend the use of 12 x 75-mm tubes with cell-strainer caps (#352235, BD Falcon), 70 µm cell strainers (#352350,BD Falcon) or nylon mesh with a pore size of 70-100 µm or less.
  6. Usage Polices for Sony SH800 sorter
    1. At start of your appointment check level of sheath and top up as necessary. Make sure the waste tank is empty
    2. If the next appointment is less than three hours, perform bleach clean, followed by DI rinse. If the next appointment is more than three hours, do the shut down procedure (~20min).
    3. At the end of your appointment add bleach to 10%, wait for 20 minutes and empty in sink (flush sink with cold water). Note: Once you log out, you will need to do an auto-calibration when you log back in.

After hours use of analytical instruments

  1. Users who have independently operated the analytical instruments more than five times within three months of training may be granted permission to use these instruments outside normal business hours (Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.).

  2. All users who run experiments on weekends/holidays or whose weekday experiments finish after 6 p.m. MUST perform the "After hours QC check procedure." See the links below for instructions.
  3. Users who book the Sony SH800 Sony Sorter after hours, please contact Queenie or Sherry by email before 5 p.m. to reserve sorting chips.

Booking policies

For more information, visit the Appointment booking policies. »»

Data storage

  1. The FMCF is not responsible for data storage whether is it self-acquired or operator-acquired. All users are strongly encouraged to transfer their data to their own data storage device immediately after data acquisition. FMCF Data (either self-acquired or operator-acquired data) must be transferred through the Serrate network server. Instructions on how to do this can be found at ( The use of USB keys is not permitted.
  2. For BD instruments, data and experiment templates can be temporarily exported to the D://BDExportFCFusers folder only. Data or experiments located on the D:// drive and also within the Diva Browser will be deleted every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Data placed in any other location will be deleted.

Misuse of instruments policy:

  1. All users approved to operate the analytical cytometers or the cell sorters without operator assistance must agree to abide by our standard operating procedures for care and cleaning of the instruments.
  2. Users who let the sheath tank run dry, waste tank overflow, leave the instrument on overnight, or who disregard our policies in other ways will be subjected to a minimum $200 fee to cover parts and labour needed to restore the instrument to normal functioning.
  3. Users who repeatedly misuse our instruments in this fashion will be prohibited from operating the analytical cytometers UNLESS they are supervised by FMCF staff.