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Cell sorters

The facility houses five FACSArias (BD), two MoFlos (Beckman Coulter), one SH800 (Sony) and one Influx (BD). Several of our sorters are located in biosafety cabinets for sorting human samples and other biohazardous samples.

For every sort appointment clients must indicate the types of samples to be sorted and identify the Risk Group categories of any biological agents they contain. See Biosafety policies for sorting biosafety requirements.

Most sorters are operated exclusively by FMCF staff, with the exception of the Sony SH800. All new sort clients are strongly encouraged to read the Cell Sorting Guide and to speak with the sort operator before their first sort. FMCF staff can provide advice on how to prepare the sort samples and the operator can determine in advance the appropriate sorter setup.

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BD Cell sorters

Instrument AriaII-RITT AriaII-SC AriaIII-CFI Influx Aria Fusion
Location TMDT 2-504 TMDT 2-203 TMDT 2-203 TMDT 2-504 TMDT 2-504
# of colours 11 11 18 9 16
Restricted FMCF staff operated FMCF staff operated FMCF staff
FMCF staff operated FMCF staff operated
Biosafety Cabinet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UV - - - - -
Violet 15 mW 10 mW 10 mW 50 mW 85 mW
Blue 20 mW 50 mW 20 mW 200 mW 50 mW
Yellow/Green - - 50 mW
(561 nM Yellow/Green)
- 150mW
Red 18 mW 15 mW 15 mW 30 mW 100 mW

Beckman Coulter sorters:

Instrument Mo Flo XDP * Mo Flo Astrios
Location PGCRL 18-9430 PGCRL 18-9430
# of colours 11-14 17
Restricted FMCF staff operated FMCF staff operated
Biosafety Cabinet Yes Yes
UV 50 mW -
Violet 30 mW 50 mW
Blue 200 mW 200 mW
Green - 150 mW (561 nM Yellow/Green)
Red 75 mW 100 mW

* Note: the Violet and UV laser cannot be used simultaneously on the MoFlo XDP

Sony sorter:

Instrument SH800
Location PGCRL 18-9430
# of colours 6
Restricted FMCF staff or user operated
Biosafety Cabinet Yes
Blue 30 mW
Red 30 mW
Violet 30 mW