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Sony SH800 cell sorter

Sony HC800

The Sony SH800 is a user operated benchtop sorter with digital electronics and a disposable sorting chip that can detect up to 6 colours, for a total of 8 parameters. Sort setup is fully automated and FMCF users can be trained to operate it 24/7. For more information, see training

This instrument is located inside a biosafety cabinet for sorting of human samples and other biohazardous samples. See Biosafety Policies for biosafety requirements for sorting.

General features

Collection devices

  • Two-way sorting into microtubes, 12 x 75 mm, and 15 mL tubes
  • One-way sorting (including single cell) onto slides and into multiwell plates

Sample Input sizes: 12 x 75-mm, and 15-mL tubes
Temperature Control: cooling or warming for collection tubes and sort sample
Nozzles: (nozzle should be 4-5 times the cell size): 100 µm

Name Sony SH800
Location PGCRL Room 18-9430
Restricted use User operated only
Lasers 488 nm Blue (30 mW)
638 nm Red (30 mW)
405 nm Violet (30 mW)
# of colours 6 colours (collinear lasers)
Biosafety cabinet Yes
Default configuration "Standard configuration"

"Standard Configuration" (default)

Detector LP BP Fluorochromes
FL1 487 450/50 PacBlue, BV421, DAPI
FL2 487 525/50 eGFP, FITC, AF488, AmCyan, BV510
FL3 561 600/60 PE, PI, BV570, BV605
FL4 685 665/30 APC, PECy5, BV650
FL5 685 720/60 AF700, PECy5.5, PerCy5.5, BV711
FL6 752 785/60 APCCy7, PECy7, BV785