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Data Analysis

1. Data Analysis Service

We provide a data analysis service where our trained staff can analyze your flow or mass cytometry data for you. For flow cytometry data analysis, submit a Data Analysis Service Request (listed under Data Analysis category) in iLab. For mass cytometry data analysis, submit a Data Analysis Service Request in Mass Cytometry iLab.

Full details are available in our Data Analysis section.

2. Site Licenses for FlowJo Data Analysis Software

We provide site licenses for the flow cytometry data analysis program FlowJo (PC and Mac) at a reasonable cost.

FlowJo licenses will be automatically renewed in May each year. Please advise us in advance (by April 15) if you DO NOT want to renew your license.

To request a new FlowJo license, to transfer an existing FlowJo license to another computer, or to cancel an existing FlowJo request, please submit a FlowJo License Request (listed under Data Analysis) in iLab.

3. Access to Pro version of Cytobank Data Analysis Platform

Cytobank is a cloud-based flow cytometry and Helios data analysis platform. While the Basic version of Cytobank is available for free, FMCF users can access the Pro version which is hosted on a dedicated server and includes advanced features such as the analytic tool SPADE, mass cytometry datasets, plate-based annotation and dose response analysis etc. The fee is US$1400/year. You can register here for the SickKids Pro version of Cytobank.

4. Data Analysis Computers

Computers with FlowJo installed are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for offline data analysis at PGCRL and PMCRT. Reservations can be made in iLab using the FlowJo Computer WorkStations calendars. Reservations are free of charge. The minimum reservation time is 30 minutes and the maximum is 4 hours. No data storage is permitted. Data may be transferred via serrate network server.