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Overview of services

Analytical Flow Cytometry (unassisted)

We provide access to analytical flow cytometers. Registered FMCF users must be trained by FMCF staff to run these instruments without assistance. For available instruments, see the Instruments section. For training, visit Instrument training in the 'Using the facility' section. Once trained, users can make instrument reservtions in iLab.

Analytical Flow Cytometry (operator assisted)

We provide operator assisted data acquisition on our analytical flow cytometers to registered FMCF clients. After consultation with an operator about experimental goals and set-up, clients can bring their stained samples to the FMCF to be run be on an analytical cytometer by a skilled operator. To book an assisted acquisition appointment on an analytical flow cytometer, submit an Assisted Acquisition for LSR request (listed under Special Assistance category) in iLab.

Cell Sorting

Operation of the cell sorters (except for the Sony SH800) is by FMCF staff only and does not require client training. However, we recommend online educational materials through ExCyte, which will help you plan and optimize your sorting experiments (visit our training section to learn more).

For available cell sorters, see the Instruments section. All new sort clients are strongly encouraged to read the Cell Sorting Guide and must submit a Sorting Consultation request (listed under Special Assistance category) in iLab in advance of their first cell sorting experiment. First time sorting consultations are free of charge. Cell sorting reservations can be made in iLab using the instrument calendars.

Automated Magnetic Cell Separation

Magnetic cell separation technology (using a magnet to separate cells labelled with superparamagnetic particle conjugated antibodies) can be used to enrich heterogeneous cell samples for particular cell populations prior to sorting, or as an endpoint itself (e.g. positive selection of CD11c+ DC, generation of lineage negative cells for adoptive transfer). Our facility has two AutoMACS Pro cell separators available to trained clients, visit our training section to learn more. AutoMACS reservations can be in iLab made using the instrument calendars.

Helios Mass Cytometry

Mass cytometry uses metal-conjugated antibodies or other probes to comprehensively profile cellular phenotype, signaling states and cytokine production, to name just a few applications. This technique overcomes limitations of fluorescence-based flow cytometry to allow "deep" single cell profiling of up to 40 markers per sample. Thus, mass cytometry can provide a "systems-level" view of signaling and cytokine responses within the haematopoietic hierarchy and other heterogeneous cell populations. It has been used for transformative high-dimensional studies in immunology, cancer research, stem cell biology and drug response profiling. See the Helios page for more information about mass cytometry services.

We offer:

  • analytical mass cytometry (operator assisted)
  • antibody metal labeling service

Data Analysis

We provide a number of data analysis related services including:

  • Flow cytometry and Helios data analysis service
  • Site licenses for FlowJo data analysis software
  • Access to Pro version of Cytobank data analysis platform
  • Access to data analysis computers

Full details are available in our Data Analysis section.


We provide expert consultation services to enable our clients to utilize cytometry technology to enhance the scope and quality of their research. This includes assistance with experimental design/planning, panel design, optimal sample preparation, use of appropriate experimental controls, troubleshooting and protocol development.

For cell sorting consultations, submit a Sorting Consultation request (listed under Special Assistance category) in iLab. For all other flow cytometry consultations, submit a General Consultation request (listed under Special Assistance category) in iLab.

For Mass Cytometry consultations, submit a Consultation request in Mass Cytometry iLab.