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Fetal MRI

Fetal MRI

About fetal MRI research at SickKids

Figure of human fetal heart
Short-axis CINE image of a human fetal heart with a right ventricular aneurysm.

Medical imaging plays a vital role in the diagnosis and management of fetal cardiac abnormalities during pregnancy. While ultrasound is the current standard for fetal imaging, there is growing interest in the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to evaluate the fetal heart in cases where ultrasound cannot provide a complete diagnosis. 

Unfortunately, fetal MRI is challenging due to the size of fetal heart structures, relatively high fetal heart rates, and multiple sources of motion that occur during the scan. In the fetal MRI group at SickKids, we focus on novel approaches that address the technical challenges of imaging the fetus and explore new ways to assess and manage diseases that affect the fetal heart and placenta. 

This website provides an overview of our advancements in assessing the structure, function, and distribution of blood and oxygen in the fetal cardiovascular system with MRI. It also highlights our interest and developments in image-based navigation, motion correction, accelerated imaging, and tissue characterization.