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Rossant lab members, February 2014

The Rossant lab is interested in mechanisms of cell fate decisions in the early mouse embryo and their application to the maintenance and differentiation of embryo-derived stem cells.

We combine tools of genetic manipulation, live imaging, proteomics and single cell expression analysis to explore the fundamental aspects of lineage development. For example, we are investigating epigenetic and regulatory differences between pleuripotency and the extraembryonic stem cell state, since this is the key switch that marks loss of totipotency.

We are also applying our developmental knowledge to the differentiation of human iPS cells into cell types suitable for exploring new aspects of human biology and disease.

We’ve moved into our new digs! Below is our new contact information.

Rossant Lab / SickKids
PGCRL room 16.9420 NN
686 Bay Street,
Toronto Ontario
Canada M5G 0A4