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SickKids VS Paper


March 2017:

Photo of Florence Charters, the first social service nurse at SickKids.

Florence Charters, first social service nurse at SickKids, criss-crossed the city, caring for patients and families in their homes. She and her team became the pioneers for outpatient visits. Read more.

Photo of the leadership teams from SickKids and Hincks-Dellcrest at a staff launch event.

SickKids and Hincks-Dellcrest Centre are integrating to help families focus on what matters most — the psychological and physical wellbeing of their children. Read more.

October 2016:

Photo of Premier George A. Drew turning the sod on the new SickKids building in 1947 .  

 Photo of the construction of 555 University Ave in 1949.

In 1875 we opened our doors in a rented building with six cots. 70 years later, a ‘new’ face of SickKids was built on University Ave. Read more.

Photo of Dr. Michael Salter

Dr. Michael Salter

Photo of Chantelle Brown

Dr. Chantelle Brown

Photo of Fatima Da Silva

Fatima Da Silva

Progress doesn’t happen in isolation. To win, it will take a team. Three members of team SickKids share their battle plans. Read more.

May 2016:

Drs. Kerem, Tsui and Rommens

Checking in with Drs. Kerem, Tsui and Rommens on 25 plus years of discovery. Read more.

Madi Vanstone is a 14-year-old CF patient at SickKids

Madi Vanstone is a 14-year-old CF patient at SickKids who fought for coverage of a CF drug and won four advocacy awards along the way. Read more.

Members of the Program for Individualized CF Therapy at SickKids.

A strategic partnership is accelerating the development of precision medicine to treat each individual living with cystic fibrosis. Read more.

February 2016:

The Mustard Procedure: One of the greatest achievements of modern cardiovascular medicine. Read more.

SickKids trains surgeons to fix hearts by printing them… in 3-D! Read more.

Dr. Seema Mital and the Cardiac Precision Medicine Program: The potential of personalized medicine to achieve a healthy heart. Read more.

September 2015:

Dr. Mark Greenberg with a cancer patient, in the early years of his career. To read more about the incredible advancements in cancer treatment made in the span of his career click here

The new KiCS cancer sequencing program, led by Drs. David Malkin, Adam Shlien and Gino Somers (pictured above left to right) will lead to more targeted therapies for childhood cancers through the use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Read more.