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Cultural Competence Education Initiative

Cultural Competence Education Initiative

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Cultural competence is an integral component of child and family-centred care. It is important that healthcare providers consider the values, beliefs, preferences, and cultural context of children and families in the provision of care.

As an introduction to the Cultural Competence e-learning Series, please click on the video to hear from a family about their experiences with the healthcare system in Toronto.

Watch Cultural Competence: A Family's Perspective

The Cultural Competence e-learning Series
The Cultural Competence e-learning Series is offered to all providers of health care to children, youth, and their families within the TC LHIN. This series, developed by The Hospital for Sick Children, provides an introduction to cultural competence and explores some key topics related to delivering high-quality care to newcomer children, youth, and families.

Six cultural competence e-learning modules are available and cover the following topics:   

The TC LHIN strongly encourages healthcare providers to complete all six modules.  


The TC LHIN is also inviting healthcare providers to participate in an evaluation of the cultural competence education.  

The purpose of the evaluation is:

  • to gather healthcare providers’ opinions of the e-learning series
  • to assess the impact of cultural competence education on healthcare providers’ knowledge, skills and practice.

To participate in the evaluation:

  • complete the pre-evaluation questionnaire BEFORE viewing any of the cultural competence modules,
  • and complete the e-learning modules and module questionnaires before December 31, 2013.

 Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence: A Family's Perspective