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TeleLink Mental Health Program

Elizabeth Manson Awards

The Elizabeth Manson Awards for Community Service in Children's Mental Health is named in honour of Elizabeth Manson. Throughout Liz's longstanding career in children's mental health she worked tirelessly to ensure communities, families, children and youth had equitable and timely access to the best mental health care available. It is through this dedication and service that we recognize the incredible contributions of non-physician clinicians who work tirelessly in their roles improving the lives and outcomes of children across the province of Ontario. Created in 2005 as a single award, we were pleased to announce that two awards are again being offered for 2018/19. On behalf of the entire awards committee, we personally invite you to acquaint yourself with the criteria for these awards found below and submit nominations of colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to improving children's mental health in their communities. These awards are for non-physicians working in children's mental health.

Nominations are now OPEN for 2018/19.

Award Information

The two awards are as follows:

The Elizabeth Manson Clinical Excellence Award

This award will recognize an outstanding individual (non-physician) who has been instrumental in the creation, development, implementation and/or evaluation of evidence informed and unique treatment approaches, or who has been recognized as consistently providing superior quality care to children and families who are confronted with mental health problems.

The Elizabeth Manson Program Leadership Award

This award will honour and recognize an exceptional individual who has been an active champion in the design of creative programs, administrative/organizational innovations or who has been recognized consistently providing outstanding leadership and drive in their pursuit of quality improvement in the area of children's mental health.

Each award recipient will be honoured with a commemorative plaque as well as a monetary prize of $2,000.

An independent Advisory Board will select the successful candidates from nominations solicited across Ontario. The award process has commenced with a general call for nominations. This is followed by weeks of consultative opportunities with the Advisory Board to clarify qualifying criteria, nomination package questions, etc. In October 2018 the Advisory Board will deliberate with the received nomination packages for three weeks, during which time the Advisory Board will contact the nominator for further information as required.

Two successful nominees will be notified by telephone of their accomplishment. All nominees will be subsequently contacted and provided with a certificate congratulating them on their nomination and inviting them to the award presentation and reception that takes place at the Children's Mental Health Ontario Conference in November 2018.

Nomination Process

1. Complete the nomination form and email to elizabethmanson.award@sickkids.ca

    Each nomination package must have two (2) nominators who must complete the form provided.

2. In a separate document please answer the following questions using as many examples as possible. Candidates about whom the Elizabeth Manson Award has little information will be disadvantaged. Email this document with the nomination form.

a. Why are you nominating this person? Please provide a description of the demonstrated contribution, leadership, development, program design etc. as it relates to the corresponding award(s) being nominated for.

b. What is the impact of this individual's contribution?

3. Email Letters of Support

Please email up to two (2) additional letters of support from management, Board of Directors or steering committees. The letters (maximum 2 pages) should support the nomination(s) and outline how the person demonstrates their qualifications for either/or of the award(s) they are being considered for.

4. Email the candidate's current Curriculum Vitae

5. Have the nomination endorsed

The endorsement must come from the Lead/Chair of the nominee's organization, department, division or Board of Directors.

6. Submission of Nomination

Complete packages must be received by the Advisory Board no later than OCTOBER 15 2018. Late submissions will not be considered. (In the event that an EVP/VP/Chief/CEO has been nominated, and this is meant to be a surprise, the nomination package should be forwarded directly to the Advisory Board). We do encourage people to re-nominate people previously nominated.

Please click here for the form that you can download, fill out and send to the Advisory Board along with all other supporting documents at elizabethmanson.award@sickkids.ca

If you have further questions please contact David Willis, Chair - Elizabeth Manson Awards 

Winners of the Elizabeth Manson Awards (2009-2017)


  • The Elizabeth Manson Program Leadership Award - Leticia Gracia (George Hull Centre)
  • The Elizabeth Manson Clinical Excellence Award - Raghida Mazzawi (Nova Vita Women's Shelter Inc.)


  • The Elizabeth Manson Program Leadership Award - Deborah Young (Haldimand-Norfolk R.E.A.C.H.)
  • The Elizabeth Manson Clinical Excellence Award - Suzanne Muscat (Family Counselling and Support Services of Guelph-Wellington)


  • The Elizabeth Manson Program Leadership Award - Wilma Kleynendorst (Dilico Anishinabek Family Care)
  • The Elizabeth Manson Clinical Excellence Award - Lee Andra Miller (Central Toronto Youth Services)


  • The Elizabeth Manson Program Leadership Award - Shirley Shedletsky (Delisle Youth Services)
  • The Elizabeth Manson Clinical Excellence Award - Ruth Pluznick (Oolagen)


  • Community Service in Children's Mental Health Award - Margaret Leslie (Mothercraft)


  • Community Service in Children's Mental Health Award - Leena Augimeri (Child Development Institute)


  • Community Service in Children's Mental Health Award - Tom Walters (Children's Centre Thunder Bay)


  • Community Service in Children's Mental Health Award - Dennis Boyle (Keystone Child, Youth & Family Services)


  • Community Service in Children's Mental Health Award - Don Efron (Vanier Children's Services)