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TeleLink Mental Health Program


You have reached our FAQ page for TeleLink Mental Health. Here you will find frequently asked questions and their answers regarding our services, referral and assessment processes. If you have any questions that are not answered here please contact us at 1-877-507-7301.


The services we provide:

  1. Program Consultations
  2. Education
  3. Clinical Assessments

About Referrals

The Hospital for Sick Children TeleLink Mental Health Program has 2 different referral pathways: Tele Mental Health Services and TeleLink Mental Health. Both are clinical services provided through Live Video Broadcasting. We do not see patients in person.

Referral forms can be found here in both English and French.

Tele Mental Health Services (TMHS)


TeleLink Mental Health


Tele Mental Health Service (TMHS) referrals can be made through a publicly funded child and youth mental health community service professional working in mental health agencies, family health teams, schools, physician's offices, etc. These referrals are funded by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services (MCYS). The referrals are submitted to one of 3 general population provincial coordinating agencies:

  1. Algoma Family Services
  2. HANDS the Family Help Network
  3. Woodview

or one of 3 Indigenous population provincial coordinating agencies

  1. Dilico Anishinabek Family Care
  2. Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC)
  3. Weech-it-te-win

or the coordinating agency for urban tele-mental health

  1. East Metro Youth Services (EMYS)

The areas they service and contact information can be found here. The coordinating agency will conduct a referral readiness review (not a clinical decision) and once completed submit the referral to central intake at The Hospital for Sick Children.

TeleLink Mental Health requires service agreements and referrals can be made through the partnering agency's contact.

Physicians and paediatricians can make direct referrals to central intake at The Hospital for Sick Children.

This program is Ministry of Health(MOH)/TCLHIN funded.

If you fall outside either of these models and would like to develop a plan for service please contact the Program Manager at 416-813-2194.






Can individuals or family members make referrals? What about an elder or teacher?


We work with community clinicians who refer on behalf of clients. This can be anyone who is a most responsible mental health professional. All information regarding appointment offers and confirmations are communicated to your case manager.


How do I make a referral?


If you are a community clinician or case manager:

  1. Fully complete the required referral forms
  2. Have consent form filled out, dated and signed by client and/or guardians
  3. Assemble as many supporting documents to accompany the referral. This can include documents such as behavioural questionnaires, psychological assessments, IEPs, report cards, service plans and case notes.
  4. Submit all documents to your corresponding Coordinating Agency.
  5. The Coordinating Agency will then fax all documents to central intake.

If you are a family member or potential client please contact your family physician or local mental health service provider. They will facilitate your referral.

Where can I get the referral forms?


Referral forms can be found here in both English and French.


How are referrals sent to SickKids?


Only via fax at 416-813-2189.


Can I make a referral via ECHIN/ARMS?


We do not accept referrals through the ECHIN/ARMS system.


Who do I contact about a referral once I have sent it in?


Our Intake Coordinator

416-813-6503 or telepsychiatry@sickkids.ca

For urban telemental health referrals: 416-813-7654 x207958

How do I get a follow up appointment?


Your case manager or clinician needs to complete a follow up form and fax it to the appropriate coordinating agency if part of TMHS or directly to central intake if part of TeleLink. Please note that if the follow up request is more than a year after the original referral was sent in , a new consent and referral will be needed.


Is it possible to have a professional to professional consultation?


Yes. These are appointments where community clinicians can meet with clinicians at The Hospital for Sick Children to discuss a case. The referral process is the same as described above.


Our clinical team would like to further enhance our skills through a partnering with a psychiatrist. How do I arrange for a program consult?


Complete and fax the forms to 416-813-2189. If you are unclear about the process we are happy to speak to you. You can contact us at 416-813-6200.


How do I request an education session?


Complete and fax the forms to 416-813-2189. If you are unclear about the process we are happy to speak to you. You can contact us at 416-813-6200.


About Consent

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How do I fill out the consent?


A blank consent can be found here. An example of how to fill it out correctly can be found here.


How long is consent valid?


Consents are only valid for a year from date of signing or until verbal direction from the client is received to withdraw consent.


I have more questions on consents


A full document on consents is available here.


About Consultations

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Where does the consultation occur?


The consultation will occur somewhere in or near your community based on equipment availability. It will be in a room that is private and comfortable. There will be a TV monitor, a small camera and possibly a microphone.


How can I be sure that my appointment will be private/safe/confidential?


Together with your case manager you will decide on who participates in the assessment. This can include family members and other community supports i.e. teachers, grandparents, siblings.


What if the psychiatrist does not understand my situation, my community, my culture, or my language?


At the start, or at any time in your assessment, you have the right to voice and discuss your concerns. Through the triage process, patients and psychiatrists are matched according to specialty, concerns, needs and culture.


What if I disagree with the clinician's recommendations?


At the end of the appointment, verbal recommendations are provided. If you are uncomfortable or disagree with the recommendations, you and your case manager or community clinician should speak with the psychiatrist at this time. You have the right to connect with the manager of the program to express your concerns.


What if I receive the report and I do not agree with what is written?


You and your case manager have the right to ask for clarification of any information contained in your assessment report. If you feel there are inaccuracies you are encouraged to reach out to the program. The psychiatrist who met with you will review your request. If they agree an addendum will be added to the report reflecting the correction(s). The original report cannot be deleted.


Will I have time to ask questions?


Yes. We encourage you to ask questions at any point during the appointment especially if you do not understand something.


About Reports

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How long after a consultation can I expect a report?


Our goal is 10 business days after the appointment


Who will the report be sent to?


Reports will be sent to the referrer and a physician if named on the consent. Everyone you think should receive a report should be listed on the consent. Please look at this example. We do not send reports directly to parents.


Who do I contact if I have a question or concern about the assessment and/or report?


If you have a concern please be in touch with your case manager and they will get in touch with us if need be.



As per the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) individuals have the right to access records of their personal health information.

"PHIPA Section 52. (1) Subject to this Part, an individual has a right of access to a record of personal health information about the individual that is in the custody or under the control of a health information custodian"

Obtained from The Government of Ontario Website

For all other inquiries regarding access to reports and client files please contact the Health Records department.