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TeleLink Mental Health Program

Liaison with Indigenous and Remote Communities

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) TeleLink Mental Health/Telepsychiatry Program is committed to high quality, evidence-based child and adolescent mental health and psychiatry services in Indigenous and remote contexts in Ontario and Canada. This involves not only extensive direct TeleLink psychiatry services to children and families, with the support of in-community mental health and medical providers, but it also involves the development of longer standing relationships with local services and teams.

It is very important that we work towards an ever-improving understanding of the cultural and social strengths of the communities where psychiatry suggestions and care plans are considered, and integrated into larger picture of community values, priorities and cultural trajectories. Team meetings (including program consults), education sessions, systems advocacy, responding to feedback and accessibility are key components to the liaison role, which is dedicated to growing partnerships and improving care.

For further information or for any inquiries, please call at 1-877-507-7301.