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TeleLink Mental Health Program

Clinical consultations

Over 40 child psychiatrists within the Division of Child Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, as well as social workers and psychologists, comprise the core clinical team. They offer a range of expertise and experience on topics like attention deficit hyperactivity and disruptive behaviour disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, learning difficulties, attachment disorders, autism spectrum disorders and psychotic/thought disorders.

TeleLink services may be accessed through multiple routes of referral: children's mental health agencies, community general hospitals, youth justice services, school boards, and community physicians. Models of service delivery are tailored to requested services and may include direct clinical consultation and/or short term follow up, professional-to-professional consultation and case conferencing, all within a collaborative care framework.

Upon receipt of requisite documentation, referrals are triaged by presenting issue and urgency and matched to compatible consultants. For non-urgent referrals, the average time from referral to initial consultation is approximately two to four weeks. However, urgent consultations are expedited within 24 to 72 hours. It is highly recommended that the child's case manager/primary clinician be present during the clinical intervention to bridge culture, language, formulation, recommendations, confirm and clarify roles and responsibilities and enable capacity enhancement of referring clinicians. Impressions and recommendations are provided verbally at the end of the consultation, and a written report follows within 15 working days. Primary care clinicians may also connect with the core hub of medical and administrative staff by telephone, email or fax with any questions or issues prior to or following video conference appointments for further information sharing and/or support.