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TeleLink Mental Health Program

Program consultations

In a program consultation, the same consultant meets monthly with a designated group of mental health providers from a particular team (i.e. school based day treatment programs, residential and foster homes, specialized programs working with children of military families, family health team, etc.) to discuss clinical, program-wide and community issues. Topics discussed may include individual youth and their emotions and behaviours, diagnosis, formulation and management. Programming, systems development, advocacy and community matters, staff roles, transference and counter transference are also commonly addressed. 

Informal evaluations suggest that primary care staff appreciate the education, support, and guidance when working with very difficult or complex situations. TeleLink consultants rely on expertise of local providers to understand cultural strengths and local resources, and incorporate this information into meaningful clinical suggestions. Every program consultation is tailored to the specific need of the program and local community. To facilitate communication and collaboration with Indigenous communities, TeleLink’s Liaison with Indigenous Communities serves as the link between experts at the providing location and the communities served.