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Health care professionals
Health care professionals

Refer a patient

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) uses online referrals to support more timely and efficient management of referrals to our outpatient clinics. It holds great benefits for the referring professionals, the child, family and the hospital.

electronic Child Health Network (eCHN) e-Referral:  We ask that all referrals are made through this system, for the following benefits:

    • Draft capability: save your incomplete referral and complete it later.
    • Delegation capability: allow your staff or colleagues to create/manage referrals on your behalf.
    • Email alerts: notifications that SickKids has updated the status of one of your referrals.      
    • Print and cancellation capabilities.
    • Supports multi-site professionals, allowing you to select the facility from which you are making the referral.
    • eCHN is a non-profit, government-funded organization that facilitates the sharing of health care information among authorized health care providers.

First time users: please request your account by completing the eCHN e-Referral Application Request Form.    

This chart illustrates the process of patient referrals.
This chart illustrates the process of patient referrals.