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Patients and families
Patients and families

Patients and families

A telemedicine appointment with your health care practitioner is just like a regular check-up except the specialist will be on a television screen. You will be able to see them and speak with them as if you were with them in person. If you are interested in having you or your child’s next appointment through telemedicine, please contact your health care practitioner to see if it is an option.

What to expect

You will be contacted by a clinical scheduler from the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) in advance with the appointment date, time and location. Telemedicine facilities with a secure OTN connection are typically located at your local hospital or family health team.

A Telemedicine coordinator will be available for support during the clinic visit. If your specialist requests any examinations to be done before or during the consult, the telemedicine health care practitioner will be able to assist. Please speak with the coordinator if you have any questions.

Arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to register your child. This allows them to become familiar with the coordinator, room and equipment.

Staff will try to see you at your appointment time, but there may be occasional delays.

Your physician will determine if follow-up care is required for your child.

Office of Patient and Family Experience

Please contact the Office of Patient and Family Experience if you would like to provide feedback about your Telemedicine experience.

Phone: 416-813-6181
Email: patient.experience@sickkids.ca

For more information please visit their website.


All patient information is private and confidential. To learn more about how SickKids protects the privacy of your information, call our Privacy Information Line at 416-813-7474, or email us at privacy.office@sickkids.ca.