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Ways to Give

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where, when and how do I deliver my donation?

Donations that meet our criteria can be delivered to the Hospital. Please contact the Donations Coordinator to arrange your drop-off.

Typically donations can be dropped off at any time at our Main Information Desk, which is located on the main floor of the Atrium and can be easily access through the 170 Elizabeth St. entrance. This desk may not be staffed at all times. Please drop off your items behind the desk and security will ensure that it is safe until staff can attend to it.

Donations consisting of larger amounts or heavier items can be dropped off or shipped between the hours of 8 a.m.-3 p.m. to:

The Hospital for Sick Children
Shipping and Receiving Department
110 Elm Street
Toronto, Ontario  M5G 1X8

2) Does SickKids provide tax receipts for in-kind donations?

Unfortunately, SickKids Hospital cannot give tax receipts for in-kind donations. SickKids will provide a thank you letter of acknowledgment for your donation. Please contact the Donations Coordinator at 416-813-8787 for your specific questions.

3) I have toys that are in great condition and I no longer have use for them, can I donate my gently used toys?

Due to infection control policies, we can only accept brand new toys in their original packaging. Please consider donating these items to local organizations such as a family shelter.

4) Can I personally deliver my gift to the patients?

Due to patient confidentiality, safety, and infection control policies, our donors are not allowed to deliver the gifts directly to the patients.

5) Can I put a personal message on the items I am donating to be distributed with the gift?

We are not able to distribute personal messages to patients.

6) Can I donate my time?

At SickKids, there are volunteer placements working with children, their families, helping staff with administrative duties, research, and on occasion, special projects. For more information please visit our Volunteer Resources Department.

7) Will someone pick up my donation?

We are not able to pick up donations.