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Ways to Give

Sponsor a Family

The Sponsor-A-Family program 

Due to the overwhelming support and generosity from the community, the Sponsor-a-Family program is now closed. We have found sponsors for all eligible families.

However, we still need your help!  There will be families who are admitted to SickKids over the holiday period that would benefit from additional support. Please donate to our Patient Amenities fund or donate gift cards for grocery, gas, or stores where needed essentials can be purchased. If you have additional ideas or questions, we would be happy to speak to you by phone (416) 813-8787 or by email at donations.coordinator@sickkids.ca.

For those that are interested in participating in the Sponsor-A-Family program next year, we will re-open registration in October 2017. Please email donations.coordinator@sickkids.ca if you would prefer to be notified.

If you would like to help a family in need, donations of gift cards to grocery stores and/or department stores are a great option, or you can make a financial donation to the Patient Amenities Fund. The Patient Amenities Fund is a source of financial assistance for families who have limited financial resources and whose child is being cared for by SickKids. The fund assists families for expenses that are not covered or only partially covered by public health insurance and/ community resources including incidental expenses such as travel, food, accommodation, drugs, and medical equipment.  To donate to the Patient Amenities Fund, please visit www.sickkidsfoundation.com/donate  

Sponsor-A-Family is a holiday assistance program that will match generous community donors with a family in need in an effort to share a positive holiday experience. The program gives donors an opportunity to provide a family with a memorable and personalized Holiday Hamper filled with items to assist throughout the holidays. 

The medical and incidental expenses endured by the families of children being cared for by SickKids can often be overwhelming. This challenge is magnified for low-income families coping with the risks of poverty. For families with limited financial resources, the holidays can become a difficult time. At SickKids, we see the value of a rewarding holiday that nurtures hope, togetherness, and happiness. 

By providing families with a Holiday Hamper, we hope to reduce the financial demands of the holiday season and increase the potential for a positive experience. 

Families chosen as recipients of the Sponsor-A-Family program have been selected based on a priority need identified by our Hospital staff. Each family is unique, and families are diverse  in regard to  size, ages, religion, ethnicity, and needs. 

How it works:

Our team will work with Hospital staff to match you with a family. We will provide you with non-identifying details including the family size, age and gender of each member, any specified preferences of the parent/guardian(s), and their Holiday Hamper Wish List. The Holiday Hamper Wish List is completed by the family and reviewed by Hospital staff.  Holiday Hamper Wish List items include, but are not limited to: gift cards, clothing and gifts for both children and parents/guardian(s).

The minimum value of a Holiday Hamper, based on a two person family unit (one parent/guardian and one child), is $200.00. The value will vary depending on the family size and wish list items, and your own donating interests and budget. We ask that all hampers contain the items listed in the minimum guidelines, but you are welcome to contribute additional items.

The Minimum Guidelines are as follows:

  • $50.00 Grocery Store Gift Card per Family
  • $50.00 Super Store (Walmart, Loblaw Great Canadian Superstore, etc.) Gift Card per Family
  • $75.00 value of New Gift (Toy, Books, Board Game, etc.) and Clothing per Child
  • $25.00 value of New Gift (Small Household Items, beauty/hygiene Product Packages, etc.) per Parent/Guardian
  • New gift wrap or gift bag(s) per family so that parents can wrap the gifts for their children.

Following the match, we will provide you with guidelines and information, including how to assemble and deliver the Holiday Hamper. The completed Holiday Hampers will need to be delivered to SickKids by Monday December 12, 2016 to ensure families receive them in time.

For more information or to register for Sponsor-A-Family, please contact the Donations Coordinator or call 416-813-8787.