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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Michele Durrant, RN, BSc, MSc

The Hospital for Sick Children
Nurse Educator

University of Toronto
Faculty of Nursing
Clinical Appointment

Phone: 416-813-6818
Email: michele.durrant@sickkids.ca

Brief Biography

As a Central Nurse Educator in the Centre for Nursing she has had many opportunities to influence the advancement of policy and procedure development, as well, lead the roll out of education necessary for these initiatives. Many other educational initiatives that Michele has become involved with have related to organizational and practice changes and the transitions associated with these changes.

Clinical Care Activities

Activities & Interests

Since, the summer of 2004, Michele has been providing leadership in integrating the least restraint legislation into policy development and planning for this practice change. She has also created systems and processes to support this practice change. Additionally she has contributed to the development of the education plans for this initiative and facilitated the roll out for interdisciplinary staff. In order to evaluate clinical decision making related to restraining patients a research study is underway to better understand this important aspect of practice and to integrate research findings into policy, education and guideline development.

She’s led the development of a Nursing Education Philosophy statement and collaboratively led the development of Nurse Educator role standards, which had been introduced in May 2004. Ms. Durrant holds a special interest in standard development and has provided consultation regarding standard development for an interdisciplinary steering committee developing standards of care. Setting standards is an essential component of developing and sustaining leadership.

She has had the opportunity to collaboratively develop an evidence-based leadership workshop, entitled "Navigating through Uncharted Waters" that is grounded in Kouzes and Posner’s research. The program has been offered since June 2004 to nurses in informal leadership roles. More recently, Michele has re-designed the workshop to mee

Research Interests

Michele applied for the research fellowship through Dr. Steven’s Research Portfolio in order to support her ability to undertake the research project, “Least Restraint Practices: Examination of Nurses’ Clinical Decision Making” which was a necessary component to evaluate restraint decision making and factors influencing decision making about restraints as they rolled out education about this topic. This information is necessary to implement policy revisions, inform staff education programs and guidelines development that will influence quality care delivery. The research proposal focuses on clinical decision making for least restraint. The research study is now underway.

Future Research Interests

Ms. Durrant’s goals relate to integrating research into her practice as a Nurse Educator. She has a number of research ideas that relate to her portfolio and that will strengthen current education programming, and support practice. These relate more specifically to the preceptor and leadership program.

External Funding

The research study, Least Restraint Practices: Examination of Nurses’ Clinical Decision Making received funding from the Grace Evelyn Simpson Fund and supports transcription costs.


2006 - Honourable Mention - Grace Evelyn Simpson Reeves Award for Excellence, Team Category, Evidence Based Nursing Fellowship

2003 - Nursing Excellence Award, Team Award – Education

1998 - The Hospital for Sick Children Nursing Scholarship Award

1997 - Provincial Nurse Educators Interest Group Scholarship Award

1997 - The Hospital for Sick Children Nursing Scholarship Award


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