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Adolescent Medicine

Referring a Professionals

SickKids Interprofessional Team for Youth

1. Adolescents with a chronic illness or disability with needs regarding:

  • Sexuality or contraceptive advice related to illness or medication
  • Menstrual dysfunction
  • Pregnancy options counseling for medically compromised teens
  • Sexual orientation
  • Reproduction
  • Transition to adolescence
  • Body image and self concept issues to medication and/or illness
  • Transition to adult care (as consultants)
  • Adherence to treatment plan

2. Adolescents with multiple risk factors, referred by Adolescent Medicine or closely related clinics such as Gynecology and SCAN, with increased vulnerability to further problems.

3. Adolescents with a diagnostic dilemma or treatment issues for consultation

4. Adolescents who are in care (e.g.: a custodial facility) and have a medical condition requiring treatment.

Young Families Program
Children under two years of age living with a parent who is younger than 18.

Eating Disorders Program
The young person’s doctor must refer the adolescent and family to our program. It is important for an adolescent with an eating disorder to continue to be followed by her/his doctor. Doctors wishing to make a referral are asked to contact Heather Graham, Intake Co-ordinator for the Eating Disorders Program, at 416-813-7195 for information. Referrals must be made through SickKids' e-referral platform, EpicCare Link. Learn more about our referral process. Information required includes the young person’s age, current weight, lowest weight, highest weight, orthostatic vital signs, and results of a physical examination.  Results of bloodwork (Heather will let you know what tests) and ECG will also need to be included.

Children and adolescents with diagnosed or suspected anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa in whom other causes of weight loss or failure to gain weight have been ruled out. All patients must be referred by a physician.

Substance Abuse Program
Adolescents with suspected or diagnosed substance abuse problems or with family substance abuse issues that are having an impact on the teen.

Good 2 Go Transition Program
Program Referrals.
Any clinic or program at SickKids can refer themselves to access extensive transition consultations that can include:

  • Provision of literature searches
  • Development of program specific resources such as posters, readiness checklists, MyHealth Passport and graduation letters
  • Asisstance in planning Transition Days or Teen Education events
  • Help in developing Transition Clinics within the program
  • Educational sessions for all levels of staff

Patient Referrals for adolescents (ages 12-18) who are at high risk of transition difficulties.
The Transition Treatment clinic is a weekly clinic that is part of the Teen Clinic and is closely associated with the CAPP clinic. Appropriate referrals are patients with:

  • A combination of medical and psychological issues that complicate their transfer to the adult health care system
  • Complex and/or multiple issues that are inhibiting the individual's psychosocial development or transition through appropriate developmental stages.

Priority will be given to current SickKids patients. Referrals that are not appropriate for this program will be automatically screened by the CAPP program.