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Clinical and Metabolic Genetics
Clinical and Metabolic Genetics

DNA Resource Centre

Who are we

We are a clinical service, staffed by professionally trained Genetic Counsellor(s), dedicated to facilitating genetic testing for patients and their families. We provide SickKids clinicians with up to date information about genetic testing not currently available at SickKids and guide them through the necessary steps.

What do we do

  • Research available genetic testing options (clinical & research) work with the clinician to determine which testing option is most appropriate for their patients and their patients' families;
  • Provide clinicians with the forms needed to secure funding for out-of-province testing from the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care;
  • Provide clinicians with relevant information and forms required for specific genetic testing (requisitions, consent forms, clinical information/data sheets);
  • Provide clinicians with information about required sample type and collection method(s);
  • Packaging shipment of testing sample;
  • Track progress of funding approval from the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care;
  • Track test results;
  • Genetic Counsellor(s) are also available to discuss interpretation of genetic test results.