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Clinical and Metabolic Genetics
Clinical and Metabolic Genetics

About the program

When the NBS team at SickKids is notified of a screen positive baby, the retrieval process begins. The role of the Centre at SickKids is to contact these families and arrange for follow up testing. This additional testing will tell us whether or not your baby has the disease.

How will I learn that my baby screened positive?

The NBS team generally tries to contact your baby’s doctor to tell him/her about the results. We often ask family doctors or pediatricians to share this information with you. If we are unable to contact your baby’s doctor, you would hear directly from us at SickKids.

What happens next?

Once you’ve been told that your baby has screened positive, the NBS team will gather some information about your baby over the phone and discuss arrangements for follow up testing. These may include blood and urine tests.

Who will I meet with at SickKids?

Most of the time, your baby will be seen at SickKids for follow up testing. Our team consists of nurses, a genetic counsellor, social worker and dietician. At your appointment, you may have the chance to meet with some or all of these team members.