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Critical Care Medicine

Helpful resources

There are many resources available for families within the hospital.  Please speak with your nurse or social worker to inform you of the services available to you.

Getting to SickKids, floors maps & clinics

Visit the Getting to SickKids page to help you navigate the hospital and its clinics and more:

    • See where SickKids is located in Toronto.
    • See a map of our main floor
    • See our hospital zones
    • See a list of our patient clinics and services
    • Learn how to read our room numbers


There are five parent rooms within the Department of Critical Care for families.  Please speak to the nurse or social worker regarding availability.  Other resources include our new 4th floor Ronald McDonald House Family Room and discount hotels.  

Visit Nearby Accommodations for more options.


There are two computers in the critical care waiting room - both are internet enabled.  

Information Centre

There is a information centre located on "Main Street" by Shopper's Drug Mart.  They have a valuable stock of books as well as other resources.  There are computers with printers available for parents to use there as well.

Child Life

Child Life will assist you with developmental toys and activities you may need for your child.  

Virtual tour of the OR

If you will soon be having an operation, SickKids Virtual tour of the OR will help you get ready for your operation, answer some of your questions. and help you learn about your hospital stay.

Programs and Services

The Programs and Services section of sickkids.ca has a great list of resources for both new and existing patients and their families. 

Visiting SickKids

The Visiting SickKids webpage offers many links, such as where to shop and eat at SickKids, patient safety, coming for a clinic appointment and more.