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Nursing student roles and responsibilities

Nursing Students are identified as learners by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO)

The CNO states that the learner:

  • Respects the safety and well-being of the clients in the learning experience
  • Recognizes her/his knowledge, skills and abilities, limits of responsibilities, legislative authority and supervision requirements
  • Contributes to the development of objectives for the experience
  • Understands and clarifies her/his role in the provision of care with the educator/preceptor
  • Uses clear, accurate and effective communication skills in professional interactions
  • Identifies the need for, and acts to obtain appropriate supervision
  • Is aware of her/his responsibility to notify the educator if they are not achieving objectives due to setting and/or preceptor relationship
  • Is accountable for the quality of care she/he provides within the established objectives
  • Becomes familiar with and follows the agency’s policies, procedures and principles

Please click on the link below to view the College of Nurses of Ontario's Supporting Learners document
click here

Students are permitted to...

Perform controlled acts authorized to nursing if they meet all three criteria:

    1. Have been taught by their faculty, preceptor or Nurse Educator
    2. Have the knowledge, skill and judgment to perform them as determined by their preceptor or faculty member
    3. Are supervised by a member of the nursing staff at SickKids or their faculty member

    Students are NOT permitted to…

    • Perform delegated medical acts
    • Act as a witness under any circumstances or for any purpose
    • Provide second signature/check for controlled drugs, blood products, breastmilk, and medications listed as requiring independent double checking, double signing and documentation
    • Provide telephone advice for discharged families
    • Perform controlled acts without close supervision by an RN
    • Take verbal or telephone orders
    • Carry narcotic keys
    • Be left in sole charge of the unit or any patient
    • Transport patients alone when the presence of an RN is required

Prior to commencing your placement you are required to read the SickKids related policy linked on the hospital Intranet.



    The College of Nurses: Supporting Learners Document
    SickKids Policies and Procedures: Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate, Certificate and Refresher Nursing Students