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Paediatric Medicine
Paediatric Medicine

Community Paediatrics

Community Paediatrics

A quarter century has passed since the development of a hospitalist model at SickKids. The model arose largely from pressures related to reductions in residence positions and duty hours. By necessity, part-time faculty were replaced by full-time hospitalist. In
the autumn of 2000, upon recommendations made by The Hospital for Sick Children’s (SickKids) Ad-Hoc Committee on Part-time Paediatricians [September 16th, 1998] the Section of Community Paediatrics  for the University of Toronto was created.

At around the same time there was a growing need to engage community paediatricians in the academic mission of the Department of Paediatrics. SickKids simply couldn’t, and shouldn’t , do all the training for all the U of T trainees for all the conditions commonly seen in the community.  Moreover, there was a need to involve community practices in research, with the goal of studying these common conditions while avoiding referral bias, inherent with recruitment confined to academic health sciences centers.

Through the community-based TARGetKids! research network, with millions of dollars of grant money procured and hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles published, community paediatricians are more than ‘helping out’.

The majority of undergraduate paediatric teaching takes place outside the walls of SickKids.

Community paediatricians are more than ‘helping out’ here too.

To further ‘deploy’ skilled clinicians and teachers, our  Fellowship in Community Paediatrics and the SickKids Teaching Scholars programs were launched.

There are over 100 members of the Section of Community Paediatrics. The mandate of our section is to maintain and promote the many and important academic contributions made by community-based Paediatricians. Engaged community paediatricians are recognized with faculty appointments and further engaged with continuing medical education.

- Mark Feldman MD, FRCPC – Director, Section of Community Paediatrics

Fellowship application deadline:
March 1  for July of the following academic year

Learn more about the Fellowship training program