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Strategic Plan

As the Department of Paediatrics looks ahead to the next five years, one of the most essential ingredients to ensure we realize positive impact and remain vigilantly focused will be our strategic plan. I am excited to announce the launch of our new strategic plan, VISION 2023.  Created by faculty, staff, patients, families, and our stakeholder community, our five-year strategic plan will provide guidance to leverage our strengths, ensure we pursue the right combination of opportunities and collaborations, which together will create positive change in child health and will help to define our success into the future.

Guided by this plan, our efforts will focus on the following strategic directions:

  • Strengthen Clinical Care Models Across the Health System
  • Advance Child Health Outcomes Through Transformative Research and Discovery
  • Promote Engagement and Excellence in our Faculty, Learners and Staff
  • Advance Social Accountability, Equity and Impact
  • Promote Excellence in Teaching and Learning Across the Spectrum of Learners

As we begin to live into our new strategic framework, we will continue to focus on diversity and wellbeing; building an inclusive and thriving environment for all staff, faculty, and learners to experience.  As we expand the boundaries of knowledge, eliminate barriers to innovative research, evolve clinical care models to better align to the needs of our patient and families, and champion excellence in the learning experience, we will need your help. I encourage you to engage with us to help implement the plan’s initial priorities of focus.

The possibility of positive change is real.

Dr. Ronni Cohn


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